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Lip Augmentation in Southlake, TX | Dr. Scott Kasden

Video Transcription

Today, I will be performing an upper and lower lip augmentation utilizing Perma Facial implants. I'll be using a four by 65-millimeter implant for the upper lip, and a four by 60-millimeter implant for the lower lip. The implant is placed below the mucous membrane at the border between the wet and dry vermilion. Preoperatively, this is marked to ensure precise placement during the surgical procedure. After administering a dental block, local anesthesia is administered directly into the lips to minimize bruising and swelling.

The patient is prepped and draped and a small incision is made just off of the corner of the lips. A tunnel is created for the implant following the preoperative markings on the lip. A tendon passer is the instrument used for this part of the procedure. With my left hand, I'm guiding the tendon passer so that the tunnel created lies between the mucous membranes and the muscles of the lip. The tendon passer is used to grip the implant and to bring it into position in the lip. After initial placement, the implant is manipulated to achieve optimal aesthetic results. The ends of the implant are then allowed to retract into the wound.

With the procedure completed on the upper lip, the lower lip can be augmented if desired using the same incision. The procedure is essential to the one used for augmenting the upper lip. The implant is initially placed with the tendon passer and then manipulated to achieve the desired aesthetic result for the lower lip. The small wounds are then closed, usually with one or two sutures per side.