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Lipotherme in Southlake, TX | Dr. Scott Kasden

Video Transcription

Today, I will be performing laser liposuction using the Lipotherme from Osyris.

Lipotherme is the actual unit that creates the laser, which is used in lipolysis. The Lipotherme machine is seen here. The laser-activating foot pedal is seen to the left. Lipotherme is small and yet powerful. Unlike earlier models of laser-assisted liposuction devices, Lipotherme produces a continuous laser light beam to assist with the procedure. Lipotherme has many safety features built into the technology to help ensure a safe and effective liposuction experience.

Lipotherme lipolysis is an evolutionary advancement over prior liposuction techniques including the tumescent technique. The Lipotherme Lipolysis and Liposculpture Procedure is demonstrated nicely on these illustrations. This first illustration demonstrates the adiposity to be treated with Lipotherme. The treatment area is first instilled with tumescent fluid, which contains adrenaline to minimize bleeding, bruising, and postoperative swelling as well as a local anesthesia to minimize post-operative discomfort.

This illustration demonstrates the laser from the Lipotherme melting the fat cells. After healing, the adipose layer is reduced and the skin is tightened.

The laser light energy is transmitted from Lipotherme to the patient by way of a very thin fiber optic filament. Because the filament is so flexible, it must be introduced into the patient using this special cannula.

To minimize a risk of burns, skin surface temperature is monitored during the procedure using a special thermometer.

Tiny incisions are made so that once they heal, they will be inconspicuous.

Using a small caliber infusion cannula, tumescent fluid is instilled into the operative site through each of the incisions. Finally, we are really to use Lipotherme. The actual laser light is invisible to the naked eye, so the cannula is equipped with an aiming LED, which you see as the red light beneath the skin.

Because of the heat given off with the laser, it's important to periodically check skin surface temperature to avoid burns. The thermometer confirms that the skin temperature is low enough to proceed safely with the procedure.

Once Lipotherme lipolysis is complete, the remaining fat is removed using traditional liposculpture techniques. Improved jawline definition is already starting to appear, and you can see that the patient is perfectly comfortable during the procedure.

Prior to concluding the procedure, we check the thickness of the fat pad to ensure that we have achieved our desired results. Final adjustments are made and the wounds are closed.