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Mommy Makeover in Southlake, TX | Dr. Scott Kasden

Video Transcription

Today I will be performing a mastopexy or breast lift in this massive weight loss patient. The front view reveals asymmetry of the breasts, elongation of the breasts, and descent of the nipples. The quarter view reveals loss of projection in addition to the findings noted on the frontal view. The side view demonstrates loss of projection, elongation of the breast, and descent of the nipple.

The patient is marked in the upright position in the preoperative holding area. The marks take into account asymmetries between the breasts and serve as a guide during surgery.

The operation is begun by scoring around the nipple-areolar complex. The nipple and its areola are left attached to the breast gland in order to maintain its blood supply and nerve supply.

The excess stretched skin is removed from the breast from the nipple-areolar complex outward. Every attempt is made to leave a little bit of the dermis or deep skin layer attached to the breast gland for support and later closure. The remaining stretched skin is removed from the breast gland. The nipple and areola will be moved to the right of the screen, and its final resting place will be at the top of the keyhole incision.

With all of the excess skin removed, the shaping of the breast is begun by bringing the flaps together. This is done temporarily using the staple gun. The final inspection revealed that the aesthetic result was good and the tissues were healthy. It is now time to close the wounds meticulously and dress them.

Video Transcription

Courtney Garner:    I chose Dr. Kasden because I did some internet research, I went to the Board of Plastic Surgeons and saw his name mentioned and read some reviews about him and felt like he was a good doctor. So, that's why I chose Dr. Kasden.

Scott E. Kasden:    I would have to say, for me, what I feel makes my practice unique is my commitment to my patients. At least for me, what makes my practice enjoyable is the relationship I have with my patients. Of course, I love doing what I do technically, but it's the journey that we go through together that makes it rewarding.

Courtney Garner:    I had the tummy tuck. I've had three children and wanted to look a little bit better and feel better and have the tummy tuck procedure and very glad that I had it done.

Scott E. Kasden:    Well, there's a common popular term now, mommy makeover, and basically a mommy makeover generally entails an abdominoplasty, also called a tummy tuck, and some form of breast rejuvenation. Either that's a breast augmentation, a breast lift or a combination of the two. Courtney, to me, is a bit of a hero because she is a young lady who's raising children, she's also supporting her extended family who is in poor health and she goes to work every day and has a tremendous amount of responsibility and she's a young person and Courtney has stepped up to those responsibilities that were just dumped on her and she's burdened them like a pro. The surgery I did on her was a treat for her, a gift to herself and I'm glad that she's done well and she's very happy with it. So, if anyone deserves to be feeling good about themselves, she's the one.

Courtney Garner:    The results were way more than I ever could've hoped or imagined for. I'm just happy. My oldest child is 16 and my youngest is nine. So, it's something that I've been unhappy with for a very long time and I'm just so thrilled and can't wait for the summer. I've been buying new clothes and buying smaller sizes every few weeks. The results just keep getting better and better.