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Scott E. Kasden, MD FACS is renowned for his tummy tuck procedure. If you want the BEST Tummy Tuck results and experience in Southlake or the whole Dallas-Fort Worth Area, get a FREE consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kasden who has the experience you can trust. Call our Southlake TX plastic surgery office today at (817) 416-9980 and prepare for the Dallas TX Tummy Tuck of your dreams.

How Does a Tummy Tuck Work?

Tummy tuck is also known as abdominoplasty. This name is taken from the words abdomen, and “plasty”. Together, the word describes the operation designed to change the shape or form of the area located between the ribs and pubis, and between the flanks.

A tummy tuck is a significant and very powerful surgery that sculpts the torso. The operation effectively removes excess skin, fat, stretch marks & scars. The procedure also tightens the skin and the “muscle layer” to reshape the torso.

After tummy tuck surgery, both women and men report enhanced self-esteem, and self-confidence. They also report that they are able to wear new and exciting clothing styles, and smaller sizes.

A tummy tuck also effectively corrects problems from skin/fat apron (frequently from old C-section scars) that can be uncomfortable and unattractive.

Who is the Best Candidate for this Procedure?

The best candidates for this procedure are those who have a moderate fat pad, lax abdominal wall structures (“weak abs muscles), and some degree of stretched skin. Patients with a “pooch”, fullness in the love handle regions, and “sagging” of the mons region also benefit from this operation. Patients who want to get rid of unattractive scars or stretch marks between the navel and pubic bone may also benefit from tummy tuck.

The best candidates for this procedure are those who are generally in good health, with no major illnesses (diabetes, severe obesity, lung diseases, etc.), and who don’t use tobacco products. However, each patient is assessed for appropriateness on an individual basis.

What are the Risks?

All surgery carries some uncertainty and risk. A tummy tuck is a significant procedure and as such, has a moderate risk of complications. Fortunately most patients do not experience complications, and of those who do, the most common ones are the easiest to treat.

As with all surgical procedures, a small risk of bleeding and infection is possible. Wound healing problems, loss of tissue, or slow healing may result in bad scars. The abdominal wall may have permanent numbness.

Serious complications include blood clots (DVT) that may travel to the lungs (PE), pneumonia, and even death. Early ambulation (walking), coughing, and deep breathing along with other precautions will minimize these risks. Other complications are also possible, depending on your health.

How do I Prepare for Surgery?

It is best to stop smoking before the procedure (about four weeks before and four weeks after surgery). No aspirin or non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory agents, such as Motrin, Advil or Aleve for two weeks before surgery and two weeks after surgery. You should plan to have help for about a week after surgery. Wear a button-up or zip-up top to the surgery center. You will receive additional instructions at time of your final pre-op visit.

Where will the Surgery be Performed?

This procedure is performed in a hospital or outpatient surgery center.

What Kind of Anesthesia will be Used?

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia under the direction of a board-certified anesthesiologist. You will be asleep during the procedure, and all of your vital functions will be carefully monitored.

What is the Process?

Incisions are made in your natural skin creases in the lower abdomen. The incision placement can usually be modified, so that it is hidden beneath undergarments or swimsuit bottoms.

The skin and fat layers are surgically lifted off of the muscle strength layers. The strength layers are then tightened with permanent sutures. The redundant skin & fat of the lower abdomen (along with scars, fat, and stretch marks) is removed, and the wound is closed.

What is it Like After Surgery?

This is a significant procedure and can be quite painful due to muscle spasm and stiffness. I understand this, and to ensure your postoperative comfort, I prescribe powerful narcotics and muscle relaxants. The pain starts to subside after about a week or so, but some discomfort usually lingers for several weeks. Early ambulation (walking) really helps loosen up the muscles and reduce pain.

Patients experience decreased stamina for about 3 or four weeks. Because of the repair to the strength/muscle layers, you will be restricted in your physical activities for six weeks or so after surgery.

Although patients notice a great improvement immediately, residual swelling persists for up to a year.

How Long Before I am Back to Normal?

Most patients start to feel better after a few days to a week after surgery. Swelling and bruising will usually resolve in about two weeks or so. Some tenderness will remain for about five weeks, and will eventually go away. Most people are able to resume most of their normal activities six weeks after surgery.

Although it is expected that your surgery and recovery will go well and you will be happy with your outcome, complications occasionally occur. Although we attempt to anticipate and avoid problems, healing sometimes can be unpredictable. No guarantees or warranties or “contracts” can therefore be made, either expressly or implicitly regarding your results. I have attempted to portray this information honestly, fairly and accurately, however errors may occur, and information may change.

What will I Look Like?

You should expect to have a more youthful and rested appearance. People may tell you that you no longer look tired or angry. It’s important to remember that this procedure does not improve fine lines, crow’s feet, blotchy pigmentation, widened pores or other skin damage. If you are experiencing these problems, you may also want to consider skin treatments.

This web site is intended to help you gather facts about this procedure, and can only be considered a supplement to a formal plastic surgery consultation.

To discover how a tummy tuck can improve your appearance, confidence, and total outlook on life, please call our office today. Call our Southlake plastic surgery office at 855-337-3621 to schedule your confidential consultation or email us through our contact form.


Tummy Tuck Dallas TX
sharonda young
sharonda young
03:47 15 May 18
Dr. Scott Kasden is absolutely remarkable! If you're looking for a doctor with YOUR best interest at heart, then you have found him. He takes the time to talk and listen to you without feeling rushed. He also educates you about your procedures. You will leave his office with clear realistic expectations. His work is meticulous. He truly works hard to please his patients. His bedside manner is out of this world. He is full of life and when you leave his office his spirit just rubs off on you. I have never walked into any doctor's office as a patient and left feeling like family. He performed my thigh lift, which is a very difficult procedure, for any doctor! I am beyond happy with the results. I have, an will continue to recommend him to everyone. They do not make doctors like this. He is a gem.read more
Maria Jimenez
Maria Jimenez
18:04 12 Apr 18
Dr.Kasden, is honestly the best!! Beth, his receptionist was very welcoming. Dr.Kasden takes his time to explain each procedure in great detail. I was completely satisfied with my consultation. I look forward to seeing Dr.Kasden in the furture.read more
Kimora Moore
Kimora Moore
20:19 20 Nov 17
Thank you Dr. Scott Kasden, and Staff, well this was my first surgery, bilateral ear lobe repair, lol he explained the service in our consultation and it went very well, I was nervous but we listen to music and talked to whole time, and super funny, also in 2 weeks, he will re-pierce my both ears. I am happy to say I am feeling well and went back the next day to my regular work, and home duties. I'm diffidently referring any and everyone to see Dr. Scott Kasden 5 stars and more if i could.read more
Wilma Gwandaru
Wilma Gwandaru
21:54 08 Nov 17
Finding a doctor who genuinely cares about what a patient wants and going over and above to ensure they achieve that is just amazing. Doctor Kasden is that doctor and not to mention they're super nice. Had a great experience and would definitely recommend them.read more
Hal Robinson
Hal Robinson
19:04 03 Nov 17
I have been going to Dr. Kasden for over 10 years. Always for Botox etc. Last month, I had upper and lower eyes done in his office. I am so pleased! Always am with Dr. Kasden. Most importantly, he is a highly skilled surgeon. But what stands out with him is how he takes as much time as needed to explain everything. When you consult with him, it's all about you and that's the exact feeling you get. Beth, his office manager is amazing! She is smart, charming and also helps explain all aspects of the procedure. What a true pleasure working with Dr. Kasden and Beth! I will never go elsewhere for any cosmetic surgery! In fact, my fiancé is scheduled for a procedure next week. I cannot give a higher recommendation to Dr. Kasden, Beth and his entire staff.read more
Rubi Reyna
Rubi Reyna
17:39 09 Oct 17
Dr Kasden is the best. I did A LOT of research and I am so happy I ended up going with Dr Kasden. He is such a perfectionist and very knowledge which was able to put my mind to ease.I definitely recommend going to him!read more
Raghda Bandakji
Raghda Bandakji
01:42 09 Oct 17
I’m really happy and lucky to have this person as my doctor. I had a surgery and it went as smooth as you would ever imagine. He was committed and was friendly with the whole thing and was professional about it. He did everything he could to assure it went as smooth as possible. Even the nurses were wonderful, very friendly, and knew what they were doing. He gave me all his time before and after the surgery to ensure my trust and comfort. I’m very thankful I met with this doctor.read more
Rebecca Titone
Rebecca Titone
13:41 15 May 17
I rarely review my experiences online - good or bad, but am happy to write this one. Of course I did my research prior to scheduling. When I met Dr. Kasden I immediately felt comfortable with his personality, in depth H & P review, and experience. Without a doubt, I will be returning and am happy to have found his practice. Additionally, I will be passing along very positive referrals to family and friends.read more
Megan Jordan
Megan Jordan
19:43 03 Apr 17
Love Dr. Kadsen! He came highly recommended and I'm so glad that I chose him! He made me feel very comfortable from the beginning! So happy with the results from my breast lift/ reduction!read more
Mayra Chavez
Mayra Chavez
14:31 17 Jan 17
!!!!! THE DREM DOCTOR AND TEAM!!!!!! I have done extensive research on the procedure of a tummy tuck I had a lot of questions and concerns but up on seeing Dr Scott E. On my first constitution I knew I would be scheduling my surgery with him. What you will get from Dr Scott E. And his office team is above and beyond, every visit. They will make you feel welcome and comfortable,I am 3 weeks post op and couldn’t be happier with my results. Dr Scott E. takes pride in his work and that is why i highly recommend him. He explained everything to me and my husband that was with me at my appointments this makes him extremely profesional I didn't feel rushed or confused at any time, he took the time to explain what to except how to prepared and expectations afterward have been spot on! He is very sincere very friendly, sweet and kind, he made me feel like if I knew him from a long time I Extremely recommend him for any plastic surgery you might be researching or if ready to take the plunge, call Dr Scott E. You will not be disappointed!!! 🙂 ....read more
Leah Anne
Leah Anne
03:12 08 Jun 16
Dr Kasden spends the time needed to answer all your questions. I had a breast augmentation done April 29th 2016. 600 cc saline under the muscle and it turned out great. I had some trouble though, not due to Dr Kasden but due to my emotional and spiritual state. I was afraid to tell Dr Kasden at first that I wanted to remove them because I didn't want him to take offense but he was very understanding and compassionate towards my feelings. I'm very thankful for that. P.S. He met my husband and I during his days off to make sure I was healing like I should be. My name is Leo (Lay-oh) Long and this is a true review.read more
Janell Igoe
Janell Igoe
16:16 23 Jun 13
Dr. Kasden and his staff were absolutely fabulous throughout my plastic surgery experience multiple times. He was able to help me make breast augmentation decisions that I was completely satisfied with. He was also very knowledgeable and precise with corrective procedures from a previous breast augmentation. Dr. Kasden had a way of putting me at ease with his exceptional bed side manners. He kept me informed, gave me special attention, made me laugh, all the while maintaining complete professionalism. I would highly recommend Dr. Kasden to family and friends for any plastic surgery procedure. Five gold stars for sure!read more
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