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Bye Bye Man Boobs!

Bye Bye Man Boobs!

Lose the Man Boobs before this Winter Vacation!

"Man Boobs" or gynecomastia can be very embarrassing to men and can cause significant anxiety. In fact, many men with gynecomastia are so ashamed, they refuse to take their shirts off, refuse to talk about it, become isolated, and feel they are the only one with the “problem”.

Men, you are not alone! The prevalence of asymptomatic gynecomastia is 50% to 60% in adolescents, and up to 70% in men aged 50 to 69!

In most cases, gynecomastia can be easily corrected using office-based liposuction alone. The procedure is straight forward and recovery is easy.

For this promotion:

  • $250.00 off procedure
  • No additional fee for Lipotherme Laser Lipo ($300.00 Value)
  • Free Garment

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Torn Earlobe Repair

Don't be a Pirate!

You don't need to be embarrassed by a torn earlobe anymore!
If you have a stretched, incompletely torn, or completely torn earlobe and can't wear earrings anymore, you don't need to suffer anymore.

You can have that torn earlobe repaired in a quick and comfortable office procedure. You can wear earrings again in about 4 weeks.

$50.00 off per ear.
Re-piercing at no additional charge.
Does not include Ear Gauge Repairs.
Great time to consider neck liposuction!

Wear Beautiful Earrings Again!
Tummy Tuck

Time to Get Tucked!

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is one of the most powerful body contouring procedures, and is capable of producing remarkable results for you!

Tummy tuck removes excess skin & fat, tightens floppy skin and lax muscles, and removes many stretch marks & scars. The procedure is performed with a 3-dimensional approach to reverse the stretching of pregnancies or weight satisfactions. 

If you have "flabby" abs despite diet and exercise, call to see if tummy tuck can restore the figure you once had or the one you always wanted! 

Tummy tuck special includes:
$300.00 discount.
Abdominal binder at no charge.
Flank liposuction as needed at no charge.
Recovery Kit at no charge ( a $200.00 value).
Consider chin liposuction too!

Don't just dream of your ideal figure, go for it! You deserve it! 

Sculpt Your Torso Today!