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About Cheek Lift Surgery

A sunken mid-face caused by aging or significant weight loss can have a dramatic impact on your overall appearance. If your cheekbones are undefined and the apples of your cheeks have begun to droop, this can make your whole face appear older. At his practice, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Kasden performs cheek lift surgery to correct sagging or drooping cheeks while also restoring lost volume. To learn more about cheek lift surgery, please schedule a consultation at the plastic surgery practice of Scott E. Kasden, M.D. in Argyle, TX.

Ideal Candidates for Cheek Lift

You may be a good candidate for cheek lift surgery if you are concerned about sagging and drooping in your mid-face. Other issues that may be addressed during a cheek lift are sunken cheeks, dark circles or hollows under your eyes, as well as the appearance of deep laugh lines (nasolabial folds). During your consultation, Dr. Kasden will listen to your concerns and goals before examining your skin, tissue, and facial structure. After this, he can recommend whether you would benefit from a cheek lift or another surgery like a full facelift or cheek augmentation with dermal fillers.

Surgical Technique for Cheek Lift

A cheek lift procedure is usually performed as an outpatient procedure using general anesthesia. Small incisions (less than an inch long) are created near the ear or hairline. Through these incisions, Dr. Kasden will reposition the malar pads underneath your skin. Through this technique, natural lift and volume are restored to the cheekbones and underneath the eyes. Additionally, Dr. Kasden will smooth the facial tissue and muscles before removing any excess skin and closing the incisions.

What to Expect from your Cheek Lift

Swelling and bruising are common after a cheek lift surgery. You may also experience a tight sensation around the face area, which will dissipate as your cheeks settle into their new position. Typically, it takes about six months for final results to appear. Follow-up appointments will also be recommended so that Dr. Kasden can track your healing process and ensure you are happy with your results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cheek Lift

How much does a cheek lift procedure cost?
The price of a cheek lift surgery varies from patient to patient. During your initial consultation, Dr. Kasden or a member of his team will be able to discuss the total costs of the procedure with you. Our practice also offers financial planning and financing to help you to better afford your procedure.

Are there less invasive options for receiving similar results?
If you are not ready to commit to a surgical procedure, our practice also offers injectable fillers to enhance the appearance of the cheeks. However, fillers do not typically provide as drastic as results compared to a cheek lift surgery. Additionally, a filler does not correct loose skin but instead, only adds volume to the mid-face and smoothes the look of wrinkles.

What is the difference between a cheek lift and a cheek augmentation?
When deciding between a cheek lift and a cheek augmentation, it is important to assess the amount of tissue volume present in the cheeks. Typically, a cheek lift is most ideal for individuals that have a good amount of volume but are needed to reposition the tissue. A cheek augmentation or implant is more ideal if not enough tissue exists and more volume in the cheeks is desired.

Will my results appear natural?
Before your procedure, Dr. Kasden will work with you to ensure that he understands your desired outcome. Immediately following surgery, the skin will appear to be tighter than when it has had time to settle. Once the skin has adjusted to its new position, you will be able to experience a natural, younger-looking appearance.

Will I have visible scars?
With an endoscopic procedure, scars will be less noticeable. Dr. Kasden makes a conscious effort to conceal incisions within the hairline or natural creases of the face. He will also provide you will aftercare instructions on how to treat your incisions so that scarring will be minimal.

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Achieve A Younger Look with a Cheek Lift

With a cheek lift procedure performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Kasden, you can experience significant results that can make you appear younger. At his practice in Argyle, Dr. Kasden uses less invasive techniques to help you achieve your desired outcome. To learn more, contact plastic surgery practice of Scott E. Kasden, M.D. in Argyle, TX to schedule your consultation.

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