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About Lipotherme

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted and unsightly fat from your body. It offers impressive results for anyone who wants a more slimmer figure but cannot successfully reduce some stubborn areas of fat with diet and exercise alone. Lipotherme is a laser-assisted lipolysis system that can provide great results if you want to eliminate fat from problem areas but prefer a less invasive option with a shorter recovery period compared to traditional liposuction surgery. Laser-assisted lipolysis Lipotherme by Osyris Medical can help you reveal a slimmer face, neck, arms, stomach, waist, hips, or thighs. If you want help improving the shape of your face or body, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Kasden is proud to offer Lipotherme, an innovative technology for minimally invasive liposuction at his office in Argyle, TX.

Ideal Candidates for Lipotherme™

Lipotherme may be a good option if you are at or near a healthy weight, but you still have stubborn areas of fat that you cannot reduce with diet and exercise. You may have considered liposuction but are concerned about a lengthy, invasive surgery that requires several weeks of recovery. Compared to traditional liposuction, Lipotherme is generally faster, less invasive and allows you to recover quickly. In addition, the thermal energy used to remove fat during the Lipotherme process can increase your natural collagen production so your skin is firmer and healthier. Lipotherme may be used to treat most areas of your face and body, including your chin, cheeks, back, stomach, love handles, saddle bags on your hips, the inner and outer thighs, knees, and ankles.

Procedure Technique for Lipotherme™

Lipotherme can be performed in our Argyle office as an outpatient procedure using local anesthesia. Lipotherme, like regular liposuction, still requires the use of a cannula (fat cell suctioning device) and incisions. However, because of the laser lipolysis technology, both the incisions and cannula are much smaller than those of a standard liposuction. During the procedure, Dr. Kasden will pass the handheld laser device back and forth under the skin. As the fat cells are targeted by the laser, they will begin to swell and liquefy. Dr. Kasden will then remove the liquefied fat cells via the cannula. The laser technology additionally stimulates collagen production, which will help tone and tighten the skin following the procedure.

What to Expect for Lipotherme™

Since Lipotherme is minimally invasive, you may be able to resume normal activities after your procedure. You should wait at least 3 – 5 days before resuming strenuous activities like exercise. You may be able to see some improvements from Lipotherme soon after the procedure, but most patients will need to wait at least 1 – 2 weeks as the swelling subsides. Your optimal results should develop in about 12 – 16 weeks. To maintain your results, you should maintain a stable weight with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lipotherme™

How much does Lipotherme cost?
The cost of Lipotherme is dependent on your unique needs and the number of areas being treated. The plastic surgery practice of Scott E. Kasden, M.D. accepts many forms of payment and offers monthly specials to help make your treatment affordable. In addition, we can help you find low-interest medical financing.

What are the ideal areas to treat with Lipotherme?
Lipotherme uses a smaller cannula, so it can target areas where precision is needed such as the jowls, neck or underneath the chin. This still includes the more common areas treated for liposuction such as the arms, back, buttocks, hips, flanks, and abdomen. There are also cases in which traditional liposuction can approach an area better than Lipotherme. This will be discussed during your initial consultation to see which method is better.

Will Lipotherme cause scars?
The incisions made with Lipotherme are tiny — just enough for the cannula to be inserted. With this treatment, the cannula is smaller compared to what is used with traditional liposuction. After the procedure, the incisions are closed. Dr. Kasden will do his best to place the incisions in an inconspicuous place and although some scarring may exist, since the incisions are so small they are often hardly noticeable.

Does Lipotherme prevent me from gaining weight?
Once the fat cells are removed by Lipotherme, they cannot return. However, this does not mean that new fat cells cannot develop. It's important to adhere to a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise to ensure the longevity of your results, as weight gain will alter your outcome.

Will I lose weight from Lipotherme?
It is important to understand that Lipotherme or even the traditional liposuction method is not a weight loss solution. While fat removal of any kind will result in less weight on the body, in order to be considered for the procedure, you should be at or near your goal weight. Lipotherme is best for stubborn areas of fat that you have tried to eliminate with a healthy diet and exercise.

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A Smarter Way to Lipo with Lipotherme™

If you have been working hard to lose weight in problem areas such as the lower tummy, hips, and thighs without results, learn more about how Lipotherme might be able to help. With Lipotherme, you can receive the results you want without the recovery period involved in traditional liposuction. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kasden to learn more about both liposuction and laser-assisted Lipotherme, contact his office in Argyle, TX.

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