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Many people walk around with torn earlobes for years without knowing that a simple,  comfortable, in-office procedure can correct the problem. If you or someone you know has a  torn earlobe, and you want to learn about repairing it, read on… 

If your earlobes have become stretched or split due to heavy earrings or an accident, rest assured that with the help of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Kasden, you can achieve a more normal appearance once again. Earlobe repair surgery is a simple procedure that can typically be performed using only local anesthesia, cutting down on your need for heavy sedation. During this procedure, Dr. Kasden will repair damaged skin using precise surgical skills, typically completing the treatment in under an hour. The sutures placed following the procedure will be ready for removal in approximately a week at which point patients will notice natural-looking earlobes. Schedule a consultation at our Argyle, TX facility today to learn more about earlobe repair surgery at Scott E. Kasden, M.D.


Torn earlobes are more than just a cosmetic concern. When the piercing gets stretched or torn, earrings will frequently fall out and get lost, or, cannot be worn at all. For people who love earrings, and have a collection of treasured earrings, this is a significant loss. 

Many people do not realize that a simple, comfortable, in-office procedure can repair the tear.  For these people, the solution has been to forgo wearing their beloved earrings altogether or wear uncomfortable clip-on earrings. 

There is another option! 


Earlobe tears are classified as either incomplete or complete depending on the extent of the tear. This is really descriptive only, as the procedure to repair either tear is essentially the same.





The procedure is performed in a sterile fashion after the lobe is numbed with local
anesthesia. The scar is marked with a surgical marker to include a thin rim of normal, uninjured skin to be excised.

The yellow markings above are the proposed incisions. Only a small amount of normal
uninjured skin is taken along with the scar tissue. The scar tissue must be removed so that a “sticky” surface can be formed that will heal. Since only a very small amount of skin is removed, the overall size and shape of the lobe will remain unchanged from the pre-injury condition.

The below Oreo example is a simulation of the earlobe with a wedge removed.

This Oreo example is a simulation of the earlobe with a wedge removed. The ear lobe
{to me} is a lot like an Oreo Cookie. I think of the lobe as a structure with the chocolate
cookies representing the skin on the front and back of the ear, and the cream middle of the cookie representing the fibrous connective tissue in the middle of the lobe.


Individuals of all ages are candidates for earlobe repair surgery at Scott E. Kasden M.D. However, patients who lack self-confidence due to the appearance of their torn or damaged earlobes are the most ideal candidates. Women who are unable to wear the style of earrings they desire often seek out this surgery. During a consultation with Dr. Kasden, discuss your aesthetic goals and concerns to find out if you are an ideal candidate for earlobe repair surgery.


Earlobe repair surgery is typically completed using local anesthesia, but if you are concerned about being awake during the procedure, discuss this with Dr. Kasden during your consultation. During the minor surgery, cartilage will be carefully sewn back together to repair the torn portion of the lobe or remove the overly stretched skin for a more natural appearance. In most situations, both ears are addressed during the procedure so that the results are uniform and symmetrical. If you believe that only one ear needs repair, ask Dr. Kasden what he recommends during your consultation. He will create a treatment plan that will optimize your final result.


Like a child eating an Oreo Cookie, the middle of the ear is repaired first! This dense connective tissue middle layer gives the repair strength and dissolving sutures are used. Next,  the skin edges are accurately approximated with non-dissolving sutures, that will stay in for about 10 days to two weeks. 


When your procedure is complete, you will be released to return to your home, work, or school. Dr. Kasden or a member of our team will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to help expedite the healing process. It is important that you do not touch or pick at your healing ears and that you return to our facility for stitch-removal approximately one-week post-surgery (or as scheduled by our team). Patients should avoid laying on their backs with their head on a pillow, and instead, sleep in a more upright position for a few days. Natural-looking earlobes can be seen almost immediately after surgery but will look even better as they heal.


The ear is kept dry for the first 24 hours, and then, you may shower and shampoo as you regularly would. After 10 days to two weeks, the non-dissolving skin sutures are removed. At about 4 weeks, the ears can be re-pierced. Post-procedure, your ear will experience some discomfort that is easily relieved by Tylenol or Advil. Complications are rare. 


How much does earlobe repair surgery cost?

The price of your ear procedure could vary according to whether one or both earlobes are being treated. Dr. Kasden will create a treatment plan and estimate costs after your consultation. Our practice recommends focusing on the final result (more natural-appearing earlobes) versus seeking out the cheapest surgeon. Our facility accepts several payment methods and may be able to help you attain low-interest medical financing.

How much time will I need to take off of work or school?

As this procedure is minor in nature, you will not likely need to take off time from work or school to recover at home. In fact, most patients are able to return to their daily activities the same day while being careful to protect their healing ears.

Will I have a scar?

Similar to any other surgery that requires stitches, scarring is always possible. How badly you will scar typically has more to do with your skin type and lifestyle versus the surgery itself. Our team will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, including how to expedite healing, and how best to avoid noticeable scarring.

When can I shower and wash my hair after surgery?

As long as you are mindful of avoiding your earlobes, it is safe to shower and wash your hair the day after surgery. During the first week of active healing, we would recommend the use of gentle soaps (such as baby shampoo) to clean your hair and body.

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If you are unable to wear the earrings you love or you are suffering from a lack of confidence due to the appearance of your ears, contact Scott E. Kasden, M.D. in Argyle, TX today. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Kasden is equipped to precisely and effectively repair your earlobes, allowing you to begin with a fresh slate of functioning and natural-looking earlobes that you will be proud to flaunt. Call us today.


"Great doctor! Had my ear lobes fixed after years of having rips and so glad I waited till I found the perfect doctor! He’s a perfectionist and that’s what you want with a surgeon!!"

- M.H. / Yelp / Jun 27, 2016

"Got my earlobes sewn up by Doctor Kasden he was very kind and made me feel 100% comfortable even though I was nervous but I didn’t feel a thing :) he Is a great doctor with a great sense of humor and awesome and friendly staff !"

- S.D. / Yelp / Apr 28, 2016

"Dr. Kasden is an outstanding surgeon. He helped me with my earlobe repair & reduction, which was my first experience in cosmetic surgery. I could not have asked for a better experience. Everything was explained thoroughly and he is meticulous in his work. I would highly recommend him, as he and his office staff our outstanding."

- J.C. / Google / Jan 07, 2021

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