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Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty is a procedure that sculpts the entire torso by removing excess fat and skin. While this isn’t accepted as an effective weight control method, it’s helpful when used in addition to proper diet and exercise. People with hereditary tendencies towards weight or people who can’t exercise or who were pregnant and don’t plan to get pregnant again may greatly benefit from a tummy tuck.

Like any other surgery, a tummy tuck is a serious procedure. You must commit to a recovery period that will require significant effort on your part. If you live in the Dallas, DFW, or Argyle region and are interested in getting a tummy tuck, we at the office of Dr. Scott Kasden want to help your recovery go as smoothly as possible. You can prepare yourself with the following tummy tuck recovery tips.

Make Time for Recovery

We know that your life may be hectic, but taking time off for any kind of surgery is essential for recovery. After a tummy tuck, you’ll want at least two weeks off work to recover. Even if you feel fine after one week, it’s still a good idea to take it easy for at least another week. Extra stress on your wounds will impede healing and cause unnecessary tension that will make you feel sore and tired. With that kind of pain, you likely won’t be performing very well at work anyway.

Make sure your recovery time is well-spent, too. The weeks off won’t mean much if you’re not making the most of it. You will need to arrange for a caretaker to look after you during the first week or so after surgery. Your caretaker must be mature, responsible, and reliable. The first week is best spent in a recliner. Alternatively, you may use a “bed husband.” Remember to move slowly when you have to get up, and use your helper to assist you as needed.

Don’t Lay in Bed All Day

After a surgery, you may want to just lay in bed all day. It may cause some discomfort, but you need to get up and walk frequently. A simple walk around the house or apartment should be enough to get the blood flowing and reduce the chances of clotting and stiffness. The better circulation you get, the softer and healthier your tissues are going to be which means faster healing and less swelling. Frequent walking also helps to reduce the post-operative pain, and is better for you than narcotics.

Be careful not to move too much, though. Heaving lifting and other intense activities can do more harm than good. Stressed tissue doesn’t do well when it comes to healing. Make sure you’re getting enough rest, too. Everyone loves an excuse for a Netflix binge, but make sure you get enough sleep at night. When you’re sleep-deprived, healing is impaired.

Listen to Your Surgeon

Before and after your procedure, your surgeon is going to give you advice on what to do. The best thing to do is follow his directions. The surgeon won’t tell you anything outlandish, or scary. The basics you’ll hear are to take it easy, drink a lot of fluids, and eat frequent small meals, as it will be hard to eat large portions.

If you think you’re ready for a tummy tuck, contact Argyle and DFW plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Kasden today for a complimentary consultation. You can learn everything you need to know about the procedure including what to expect before and after. We hope to hear from you soon!

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