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The Future of Breast Augmentation: Gummy Bear Implants

If you haven’t heard of gummy bear implants before, you may be wondering how they got their name. Compared to other forms of breast augmentation implants, gummy bear implants are considered form-stable. This means that they will maintain their shape under most circumstances and provide a more natural look overall. Because of their structure, the implants have a firm consistency, similar to that of a gummy bear.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery in Dallas, Argyle, or in the greater DFW area, gummy bear implants may be the best choice for you. Below, we’ve outlined their advantages, and why more and more women are opting for this type of implant.

Gummy Bear Implants: The Basics

Gummy bear implants are formed in a teardrop shape and are constructed out of extremely cohesive gel silicone. Additionally, there is an outer shell layer made of silicone that is thicker than the inner gel. This type of breast implant typically holds its shape much longer than other silicone or saline implants because of its shape and construction.

For example, other implants may change over time due to the laws of gravity and a woman’s natural breast shape. However, because of the distinctive teardrop shape of gummy bear implants, an individual’s breasts will conform to it, not vice versa. Therefore, a woman’s breasts will maintain the original shape that was achieved when the gummy bear implants were first placed.

Reduced Chance of Implant Defects

Sometimes breast implants will cause rippling or folding. However, the inner gel of gummy bear implants does not move or shift, meaning that shell defects and folds are less likely to occur.

The unique shape and tight molecular bonds of gummy bear implants also mean that there is less chance of leakage. Leakage typically occurs when the implant shell has been broken, often along the fold lines. Because the highly cohesive gummy bear implants usually don’t develop fold lines, leakage often doesn’t occur. But, even if the shell does break, the filling is more solid than liquid, and it would likely not go anywhere.

Less Scar Tissue

Although the reasoning behind this phenomenon is still uncertain, gummy bear implants have been shown to leave less firm scar tissue. Perhaps it’s because there is less diffusion of silicone. Alternatively, it may be due to the fact that gummy bear implants don’t allow the body to contract around it. Either way, less firm scar tissue is a huge plus and we look forward to learning more about the reasoning behind it in the future.

Gummy Bear Implants in DFW

Overall, gummy bear implants offer a number of advantages for individuals interested in breast augmentation. Their distinct teardrop shape, firm structure and stability over time provide patients with a very natural looking option in the scope of breast augmentation plastic surgery.

If the beautiful look and advantages of gummy bear implants have you ready to book your appointment, please contact us today! Dallas, Argyle, and DFW residents can schedule a consultation with this esteemed plastic surgeon to see if gummy bear implants are right for them. We look forward to speaking with you!

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