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47-Year-Old Euless Female Desired Sculpted Neck Without a Face or Neck Lift

Procedure Details


Neck Lipo- A great compromise!

This attractive patient was very unhappy with the appearance of her neck.  She saw a "fat neck" and mild jowls.  The patient wanted improvement but wanted only a "minimally invasive procedure". She was not interested in a lower facelift.

Her exam revealed a moderate amount of fat, mild jowls, slight skin laxity with a hint of platysma muscle bands vertically oriented on either side of the neck midline .  The lower jaw and chin were well developed  contributing to an excellent jaw-neck line.  On the other hand,  her trachea was somewhat forward, blunting the definition of  the jaw-neckline.

After discussing the tradeoffs, the patient chose a "good" but not the "best" result in favor of a smaller operation that could be performed in the office under sedation and using tumescent anesthesia.

The operation goals were aimed at obtaining the best results possible while minimizing the risks of complications (there were none!).

The amount of fat that was aspirated was approximately 125 cc's and all work was done using a small incision behind each earlobe and a third in the under chin crease.  The size of each incision was approximately 1/8th of an inch.

The neck fat was sculpted to remove/minimize the fat below the lower jaw.  This "cleaned up" the jowls very nicely and created a sculpted neck which set the face off from the neck, a distinction that was not present pre-op.  Additionally, the definition also "frames" the face and though subtle, really enhances the patients intrinsic beauty.

Although people generally don't like fat, it can actually be aesthetically beneficial.  Notice that the platysma bands which are somewhat obscured by fat before surgery, are prominent after surgery in all views.  The platysma bands contribute to a neck line that is not as "acute" or defined as it could be if they were addressed with a neck lift.

One final point about facial aesthetics and aging.  As we age, the face tends to sag.  The jowls form and the chin which is more pointed or triangular in youth, becomes squared off and ill-defined later in life.  Looking at the front view, and comparing the patients appearance pre vs. post op, the patient looks more youthful because he chin is again more triangular in appearance.






Scott E. Kasden, M.D.

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