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I Want My Swan-Like Neck Back!

Procedure Details


Findings and Procedure Details

On exam, this patient is lean and athletic.  The neck has a small amount of fat, and so this contributed little to the "obtuse neckline".  The lower jaw and chin are adequate, and her dental occlusion is fine.  The patient has somewhat lax platysma muscles (appreciated best on intraoperative exam), and her trachea is in a normal position (and therefore did not contribute to the obtuse neckline).  Lax, redundant skin was the single most important contributer to the obtuse neckline.

Procedure: Necklift.

The patient was taken to a hospital in Fort Worth, TX where a necklift was performed under general anestesia.  An incision was made in creases near each ear, and third incision was made under the chin in a natural crease.

The skin was carefully lifted first from the under chin incision.  The platysma muscles were freed up from deeper structures and attachments and the redundant muscles were trimmed.  The paired muscles were than sutured together in the midline.  This maneuver deepens the apparent depth of the neck at the lower jaw level (from chin to the neck), makes the neck appear longer and leaner.

The neck was then addressed laterally from the incisions near each ear and posterior hairline.  The skin was carefully lifted and the strong tissue below the skin (SMAS) and the platysma muscles were identified.  The SMAS was elevated to lift the cheek fat pad off of the mandible, and thus correct the mild jowls overlying the lower jaw.

The platysma muscle was freed up and lifted posteriorly, and upward to help deepen the neckline (best seen on quarter and side views).

Finally, the redundant skin was lifted posteriorly and upward taking care NOT to distort natural neck creases, and then excised.

The result is a longer, leaner, graceful and youthful appearing neck that looks natural.

The patient was thrilled with her result.


Scott E. Kasden, M.D.

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