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Goodby Turkey Neck

Procedure Details


Necklift Procedure Details

The procedure was performed in the office using moderate depth oral sedation with tumescent local anesthesia.

A Pre-auricular, post tragal incision (in front of the ear, but behind that "bump" that is in front of the ear canal) was made.  The procedure was a dual plane neck lift that involved lifting the skin first, and then the deeper strength layer (called SMAS in the cheek, and Platysma Muscle in the neck).


Under the skin, the SMAS was elevated and put on traction to elevate the jowls and soften the nasolabial folds.  An incision was made just posterior to the chin in a natural crease and the neck was sculpted using liposuction.

The paired Platysma Muscles were freed up from underlying connections and then tied in the midline.  Following this, the platysma muscle was elevated and secued to the back of the neck to create a "sling" to create a crisp neckline.

The skin was meticulously closed and the wounds were dressed.

The patient had an unremarkable recovery.

Fun fact that always amazes me.  Facelifts and necklifts are not described as painful.  In fact, if a patient reports sudden onset pain, it may indicate a serious complication.


From my experience, patients uniformly report discomfort from the neck that feels like a "stiff neck".  The other common complaint during healing is numbness of the skin.  The numbness usually starts to resolve after about a month or so, and may take a year or longer to complete the process.  The stiff neck usually lasts a couple of weeks.

I also wish to emphasize that if you are interested in facial rejuvenation, you must be emotionally ready to see yourself with some swelling and bruising.  You certainly won't be familiar with the face you see in the mirror, and this in and of itself is stressful- but it passes.



Scott E. Kasden, M.D.

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