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Torn Left Earlobe

Procedure Details

This is a 28 year old female from North Richland Hills, TS ( NRH) who first noted an incomplete torn left earlobe repair several years ago. She was unaware of how the injury occurred. She wore heavy earrings and over time the tear enlarged. Currently, she must wear hoop type earrings or the earring falls out. Even with hoops, the rings, the left ring sits lower because of the stretch. The patient wanted the ear repaired at this time because she wanted to wear earrings that would look good for a wedding.

Repair of Incomplete Lobe Tear

In order to effect an aesthetically appealing and durable repair, the the scar tissue was was removed with a scalpel.  The inner dense connective tissue (the strength layers) was first repaired with dissolving sutures.  The skin was then precisely closed with non-dissolving sutures which were removed at about two weeks.  About four weeks after the procedure, the ear was re-pierced, and the ring was changed out for the first time two weeks later.

The patient did very well throughout and there were no complications or problems. She was very happy, and enjoyed wearing earrings at the wedding.


Scott E. Kasden, M.D.

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