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Incomplete Earlobe Tear Repair

Procedure Details

This Southlake, TX patient presented with an incomplete earlobe tear that has been present for many years. The tear was not due to a single trauma, but rather, multiple small traumas due to the forces of time, gravity, and very heavy earrings. The patient finally decided to get the tear repaired because she could no longer wear earrings (except hoops), and "as seen on TV" remedies did not work. The post-op pictures were taken at two months, and she the patient is elated with the results. It is amazing how thrilled torn earlobe patients are when they can wear earrings again. It is a small thing but it is huge to every patient! I perform earlobe repairs on my Instagram account in the videos section and also in the My Story section. https://www.instagram.com/scottkasden/

Earlobe repair

The earlobe can be thought of as a three layered structure.  The outside layers are the skin, and the inner layer is the strength layer comprised of dense connective tissue (sort of like the grissel in a tough steak).

The repair was performed using a local anesthetic to numb the lobe.  Followig this, a scalpel was used to removed the scar tissue and create raw, "sticky surfaces" that would heal together.

The tough inner layer was first closed with a dissolving suture, and the skin edges were carefully approximated using a suture that was removed at two weeks.  The ear was repierced at approximately a month, and the postop photos were taken at 2 months with the new earring in place.


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Scott E. Kasden, M.D.

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