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Beautiful Young Lady with Prominent Ears and Lobes

Procedure Details

This 24 year-old young lady from Keller, TX was unhappy with her ears since about the age of 7 when her classmates began to tease her. Her ears were prominent ("stuck out" from her head more than average), and her earlobes were somewhat larger than ideal. She had been teased mercilessly, starting at about the age of seven and wanted tofinally have this cosmetic defect corrected. The patient underwent an otoplasty (ear setback surgery). The procedure was performed by removing a small amount of skin behind the ear to gain access to the critical cartilage structures. The ear cartilages were slightly weakened in order to encourage aesthetic ("antihelix) folding (utilizing a Dingman Otabraider). Sutures (Mustarde Sutures) were placed in the posterior cartilage surface of the ear to reinforce the antihelical folds. The creation/reinforcement of the antihelix helps shape the ear, reduce its apparent size, and bring the ear closer to the head. In this instance, additional sutures were placed between the poster ear cartilage and the head to bring the ear back to an ideal position. At the same time, these sutures were used to reduce the size and improve the shape of the lobe. The patient was very happy and finally had this childhood drag lifted from her self-esteem.


Scott E. Kasden, M.D.

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