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36-Year-Old Female With Mommy Boobs

Procedure Details

This 36-year-old female who was very discouraged about the appearance of her breasts after childrearing. With each child, the amount of breast gland shrunk (postpartum involution of the breast) while the amount of skin stretched. This resulted in slight sagging of the nipples and the majority of the breast gland relegated to the lower pole of the breast. From an aesthetic point of view, the breasts elongated and lost projection and fullness. The asymmetry was exacerbated. After reviewing the above, the patient and I decided to perform an asymmetrical breast augmentation with the plan to do a second procedure if necessary to correct any remaining unevenness between the breasts. It was our goal to avoid a breast lift on the larger side with its attendant scarring if possible. Fortunately, with surgical maneuvers and a the placement of a larger implant in the smaller breast, we were able to achieve a result that the patient was elated with. Mission accomplished.

Deflated, asymmetric breasts

Pre-Op Bra Size:  32 B
Post-Op Bra Size:  34 C

Implants Used:  McGhan / Inamed Style 15 Moderate Profile, Gel-Filled, Smooth, Round Breast Implants.

Right Implant Size:  420 CC's
Right Implant Final Fill Volume:  420 CC's
Right Implant Catalog Number:  15-339

Left Implant Size:  CC's 390
Left Implant Volume:  390 CC's
Left Implant Catalog Number:  15-371

Incision Site:  Inframammary (under breast crease)
Implant Placement:  Submuscular ("Under", under the muscle).

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Scott E. Kasden, M.D.

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