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44-Year-Old Female from Bedford hated Saddlebags, Wanted Them Gone!

Procedure Details

This young lady had isolated fat pads located on the outer thighs that bothered her more than anything else. She felt self-conscious because her pants didn't fit properly, and she would not wear bathing suits or allow herself to be seen undressed or with revealing clothing. The saddlebags interfered with her ability to feel intimate. Procedure details: Procedure: Lipotherme followed by Liposuction of outer thighs. Anesthesia: mild oral sedation and tumescent liposuction Right Left Tumescent Fluid In (cc's) 800. 1000 Laser Energy (Joles). 7883. 11,098 Amount Removed (cc's). 125. 100 Cannula sizes used (mm). 3, 2 Additional Notes: With Lipotherme, less fat is actually removed than without to obtain a similar result. The patient had asymmetrical fat deposits between the thighs. The procedure and recovery were unremarkable, the patient did well, and was very happy. Epilogue: The patient now wears "skinny jeans", swimsuits, and feel much better about herself.


Scott E. Kasden, M.D.

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