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Athletic Female requested fuller, larger, more youthful Breasts

Procedure Details

This Athletic 42-year-old white Female from Grapevine, TX who was unhappy with the way her breasts were aging. She loves to wear a bikini and she didn't fill it out quite like she used to. There was a degree of ptosis or sag, but she did not want a breast lift if she could avoid it. The patient preferred to have somewhat low nipples if it meant she could avoid a lift. There is minimal asymmetry pre-operatively: The left breast is slightly smaller, and the left nipple is slightly higher in position. The left lower pole of the breast is also slightly higher. Essentially, the left breast is slightly smaller and higher on the chest wall. There is a "scooped out" appearance in the upper outer quadrant near the arm pit as a result of the breast tissue descending downward.


Scott E. Kasden, M.D.

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